Birmingham CarpetEven expensive carpets are going to shed when you first bring them home. In fact, there are many expensive types of carpeting — such as wool — that are going to shed a lot initially, even though they will be extremely durable later on. Both shedding and fuzzing have to be properly managed, or you’ll end up having to perform clean up all over your home. The experts at Floor Coverings International Birmingham share tips to deal with shedding when you first install your new carpet!

Increase Your Vacuuming for the First Week

Your carpet isn’t going to need to be vacuumed every day for the course of its life, but you may want to vacuum it every other day for at least the first week that you have it. All carpet has some loose strands during manufacture, and it’s at this time that those strands are going to work their way out. It’s in your best interest to get those strands out quickly. Not only will they accumulate in your home, but they can also act just like other dirt and debris in your carpet — causing friction and wearing the carpet prematurely.

There’s one caveat: if you have wool or Berber carpeting in your Birmingham home, you need to vacuum with a vacuum cleaner that doesn’t have a spinning brush. If your vacuum has a spinning brush, it’s actually going to make the situation much worse! Spinning brushes pull up some forms of carpeting and fray it — and this isn’t something that can be fixed without replacing the entire carpet.Birmingham Carpet

Learn to Identify Fuzzing

Fuzzing is separate from shedding, but it’s often considered to be the same thing. In shedding, you’ll find loose carpet fibers everywhere — and it will be quite noticeable if your carpet has a distinct color. Fuzzing, on the other hand, means that the carpet appears to be blurry and loose; if you look at the carpet closely, it has a soft fuzz. This is often due to cheaper types of carpet that could be falling apart. Though vacuuming may deal with fuzzing, it’s more likely that you may want a professional carpet cleaning. There may be some residue on the carpet that is causing the shedding to “fuzz” instead of separating.

When does shedding become a problem? Carpet should not continually shed or fuzz throughout its lifetime, and if it does, it may mean that something is wrong. We’ll go over all of this and more during your free design consultation so that your carpets stay in great shape for many years to come. We proudly serve the greater Birmingham area and look forward to working with you!

Photo Credit: Syda Productions & Eviled