Birmingham flooringHere in Birmingham, winter is a time where many homeowners look for ways to make their home a little extra cozy for the chilly weather and for holiday gatherings. Combat the cold nights and protect your floors from spilled drinks during holiday parties by utilizing a few of the tips below from our experts here at Floor Coverings International Birmingham!

Warm Up With Insulating Flooring

Many homeowners turn to extra throw blankets or even the thermostat to stay cozy during the chilly winter nights. However, flooring has a great impact on how warm (or cool) your home stays throughout the year. Insulating flooring helps to trap a room’s internal temperature, in turn allowing you to cut back on electricity costs while staying comfortable year round.

Carpet and cork are the top two best insulating flooring choices. For a quick fix, use area rugs in the coldest rooms of your house – these may be rooms with tile or stone floors. Tile and stone can get especially cold during the winter, since they are highly conductive rather than insulating. For the warmest rugs, go with high quality, high pile wool.

Cork is another highly insulating flooring material. For a quick flooring renovation, use cork as an underlayment beneath a floating floor such as laminate or luxury vinyl. This way, you can benefit from the warmth of cork without having to go through a major home renovation during the holidays.

Guest-Proof Your Floorscarpet birmingham

For many homeowners, the holiday season is a time for hosting. It will save you time and money to protect your floors from extra foot traffic and potential party fouls this season. Start by bolstering your entryway with doormats. Use mats both indoors and outdoors to give guests plenty of opportunity to scrape grime off of their shoes before stepping on your carpets.

Use rugs or runners in areas of your home that will receive the most traffic, or where food and drink will be served. These can protect your hardwoods from dings and scratches while guarding your carpets from stains and spills. Use synthetic, stain-proofed, low pile carpets for this purpose, as these will be easier to clean than most other options.

Finishing Touches

Refresh your hardwood floors for the New Year by having them refinished this season. Not only will this make them look as good as new, but it will also help to protect the wood from spills and scratches. Stone tile floors could also benefit from being resealed before guests come over, as the sealant will prevent spilled drinks from staining the stone. Keep in mind that these finishing touches are only necessary if the finish or sealant on your floors has worn down over the years and needs to be touched up.

Get Started in Birmingham Today

Preparing your home for all that winter has to bring will be easy with these tips from Floor Coverings International Birmingham! Give yourself the gift of new floors and contact us today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation in Birmingham. We proudly serve Birmingham and surrounding areas.

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