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So it’s finally time. You’ve made it through the week, and while the house isn’t a total wreck once Sunday rolls around, you notice that your hardwood floors are looking a little dingy. Maybe it was from all the feet coming in and out of your home while you were hosting friends on Friday night, or maybe it’s just the normal Birmingham wear-and-tear. Either way, just sweeping isn’t going to cut it.

Cleaning hardwood floors can be tricky, but don’t fret; we’re here to help. If you’re ready to clean your hardwood floors, check out the following suggestions from our local experts at Floor Coverings International Birmingham!

Beware of Abrasive “DIY” Cleaning Options

You may have heard that vinegar and warm water will clean your hardwood floor just as well as any commercial solution. But as a general rule, it’s good to avoid these DIY-type cleaning options, because they can gradually wear down the finish.

While you may find websites and bloggers recommending “eco-friendly” cleaning solutions such as olive oil, lemon, vinegar, and even tea-bags, these options aren’t the best for hardwood. Whether your finish is matte, satin, or glossy, the safest choice is always to find a pH-neutral liquid that’s formulated for hardwood.

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Avoid Excess Water

Before you bust out the big janitor’s mop and start slopping water everywhere, remember that water and hardwood floors don’t really get along. Sure, you need some moisture to clean, but too much can cause stains or warping.

Lightly mist your floors with a spray bottle as you mop – this is the best way to clean up grime without damaging the wood.

Mop Like a Pro

It might not seem like an important point, but the type of mop you use can make a big difference when it comes to convenience and longevity.

As we’ve said before, mops that are too big will release excess amounts of water all over your floor, and you’ll spend most of your time standing over a bucket as you wring them out. Go for a smaller mop that’s easy to rinse. A small mop will also be easier to maneuver under couches and shelves.

Avoid brushes with coarse fibers that will scrape up the surface of your floor, and opt for a microfiber mopping surface instead. If you run into a spot that’s giving you trouble and can’t be cleaned with a regular mop, talk to one of our flooring experts for some heavier-duty options that won’t permanently damage your floors.

For bonus points, we recommend that you follow the grain of the wood while mopping. Use long, even swipes, and remember not to let too much water pool in one spot.

Need more help?

We get it. Every floor is different, so it’s always best to err on the side of caution. Let the hardwood flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Birmingham advise you on the safest, most efficient means of cleaning your floors. We proudly serve Birmingham and surrounding areas.

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