blue carpet trendCarpet is a common flooring option for homes in the Birmingham area. When you are selecting carpet for your home, you can make a bold statement by selecting a trendy carpet option.

Here are three of the top carpet trends that Floor Coverings International Birmingham has found this year:

1. Go Bold With Gray and Blue

When people are looking to install carpeting in their home, they often look at neutral colors like cream, beige or tan. But this year, both gray and blue are taking over. Gray and blue both pair perfectly with many of the other colors that are expected to be big in furniture and paint colors this year, such as metallic silvers, navy blues, bright white and dramatic charcoal and black. Adding a gray or blue carpet to your home can add a pop of color that compliments the other colors in your home while helping your entire room to feel modern and pulled together.

2. Waterproof Carpet is a Thing

Another trend that is emerging with carpeting is waterproof carpets. One of the biggest drawbacks to carpets is that they absorb liquids. Any spills immediately soak into the carpet, making pet accidents and spills hard to clean up. However, there are now waterproof carpets! These carpets are easier to clean and keep free from stains so that they’ll last longer.

3. Carpet Tiles are Perfect for Trends

The last carpet trend that is emerging is bold carpet patterns and colors. Animal trends, floral prints, and fair isle designs are all trending. While fun, these trends won’t last as long as long as traditional carpet will. Fortunately, carpet tiles are cheap, allowing you to install the carpet trend you want inexpensively, and then remove it when it becomes dated. This allows you to install the design you love, without feeling bad when the time comes to get rid of it.

Get New Carpet for Your Birmingham Home

Carpet can be a good choice for your home in the Birmingham area. It helps minimize sounds and creates a cozy atmosphere. If you are looking to have carpet installed in your home, but you want your floors to make a statement, selecting a blue or gray color, picking a waterproof carpet or using bold carpet tiles can help you make that statement. To get started and see samples, contact our team at Floor Coverings International Birmingham for a free in-home estimate.

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