Birmingham Carpet

Carpeting can be a great option for any home in the greater Birmingham area with one or more indoor pets. Carpets are soft and comfortable for pets to rest on, reduce pet noise, and can even hide shedding hair so that it does not ruin the look of the living room or bedroom. Followings are some tips from the experts at Floor Coverings International Birmingham that can help you select the best type of carpet for a home with a pet.

Choose a Man-Made Fiber

Nylon and polyester carpets are far easier to clean than carpets made from natural materials such as wool. Nylon is known for being both durable and stain resistant; however, it absorbs moisture and so can be a bad option for a homeowner who is still house-training a puppy or kitten. Polyester is more affordable than nylon and does not readily absorb liquids; on the other hand, it is not quite as durable as nylon and so may not be the best option if you have pets with long claws.

Choose Colors and Style with Care

Consider your pet when choosing a carpet color and style. Carpets with charming designs may be best if you have a pet that sheds, as the designs can hide the hair until you get around to vacuuming. Dark colors may be best if your pet likes to run around in the backyard and then walk through your home.

Go with Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are available in a multitude of styles and shapes. It is easy to install and looks good in any room of the house. Better yet, individual tiles can be replaced as needed, making it easy for pet owners to replace sections that have been ruined by pets instead of having to re-install new flooring throughout the home.

Look for a Low VOC Label

VOCs are chemical compounds used in carpet manufacturing that many people and pets are allergic to. If you or your pet has an allergy problem or you are simply concerned about your home’s indoor air quality, look for carpeting that is labeled as being low in VOCs. Our trained design associate can help you with this!

Care for Your New Carpeting

Once your new carpeting has been installed, it is important to care for it properly. Keep your pet’s claws clipped to avoid accidents and carpet damage, vacuum the carpet regularly to get rid of pet hair, dust mites, and other unwanted particles, and clean up any accidents immediately to avoid unwanted smells. You may also want to consider investing in a few throw carpets to protect your new carpet flooring from damage and stains.

Carpeting is an ideal flooring option for any home with pets. Choose your flooring type, style, and color with care and you and your pet can both enjoy the warmth and comfort that any good carpet flooring has to offer. Schedule your free in-home design consultation today to go over this and more. We proudly serve the greater Birmingham area and look forward to working with you!

Photo Credit: ALEX_UGALEK