Birmingham CarpetIf you’re looking to install new carpet in your home, Berber is a great option! This type of carpet is named after the Berber tribe of Africa, which used natural fibers to create rugs, cloaks, and other fabrics. Berber carpet has a loop pile construction that gives it a similar appearance to the traditionally woven Berber rugs. These carpets are generally made using either nylon or olefin fiber. Learn more about the pros and cons of Berber carpet from the experts at Floor Coverings International Birmingham below!

Pros of Berber Carpet

  • Low Price Point – Berber is one of the cheaper carpet options. This is because manufacturing it takes less time, making it more affordable.
  • Stain Resistant – Due to the loop pile design of Berber, liquids tend to sit on top and not sink into the fibers right away. This makes the carpet easier to clean and maintain.

Cons of Berber Carpet

  • Pet Claws Can Snag on the Loops – For families with pets, Berber may not be the best carpet option. Nails can often get caught on the loops, which may lead to eventual fiber unraveling that needs to be repaired.
  • Loops Can Snag on Anything ­– Like pets claws, the loops of Berber carpeting are more likely to get caught on something and snag than other types of carpet.

Berber Carpet in Birmingham

If you’re ready to install Berber or any other type of carpet in your home, give the experts at Floor Coverings International Birmingham a call today! Our trained design associates will bring our mobile showroom right to your home, filled with hundreds of carpet samples. This allows you to look at samples in the comfort and lighting of your own home. We’ll even provide a free proposal and estimate! We proudly serve the greater Birmingham areas.

Photo Credit: Pholon