wool carpetIf you’re considering installing new carpet in your Birmingham home, wool carpet is a great option! Wool carpet is made from a natural fiber that has a unique look and feel, and it is very durable.

Wool carpet is dense, making it a softer carpet option than other varieties. It is a great option for homes with a lot of foot traffic because it’s durable and it has solid fibers that help hide dirt and debris. Read below to learn more about the pros and cons of wool carpeting from the experts at Floor Coverings International Birmingham.

Pros of Wool Carpet:

  • If you’re looking for the top pick for a natural carpet, wool is it! Wool is the most commonly purchased natural carpet on the market.
  • Wool has one of the longest life spans for carpet. This material is resilient, holding its texture enough to bounce back after being walked on, so it’ll last for decades!
  • Due to wool’s absorbent nature, this carpet can help decrease the humidity of the environment, absorbing the moisture from the air.
  • Wool is naturally flame resistant. 
  • Wool’s insulating properties help to regulate a room’s internal temperature, keeping you cool in the summer.

Cons of Wool Carpet:

  • The natural fibers of wool may initially shed a little bit after install.
  • Wool offers less stain resistance than synthetic fibers. It is absorbent and will soak up any liquid left on it, so be sure to promptly clean up spills!
  • Wool carpet will last for years, but may not be the best option if your home is prone to spills.
  • Compared to some synthetic options, wool can require a bit more maintenance and should be properly cleaned– there’s a chance the carpet can shrink if not cleaned properly and it should be cleaned by professionals who know how to properly care for the fibers.

Add Wool Carpet To Your Birmingham Home

Wool carpet is available in many different styles and can be a great carpet choice for your home. Let our team at Floor Coverings International Birmingham help you figure out if wool carpet is right for your next project! Wool carpet offers years of use and only needs regular vacuuming and an annual professional cleaning to stay looking great over the years. Schedule a free consultation today to find your perfect flooring from the comfort of your own home!

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