carpet tiles birminghamBroadloom carpet, also known as wall-to-wall carpeting, is a staple in many Birmingham homes. When it comes to commercial buildings, however, carpet tiles tend to be the go-to flooring of choice. Here at Floor Coverings International Birmingham, we’ve seen more and more homeowners choosing carpet tiles over broadloom carpeting for many reasons, including stylistic choices and practicality. Read below to learn more about carpet tiles and how they could benefit your Birmingham home!

What are Carpet Tiles or Carpet Squares?

Carpet tiles, also known as carpet squares, come in square or rectangular pieces that have either a peel-and-stick back or that require glue. Pieces come in various sizes, fiber types, and pile styles, allowing homeowners to have any look or texture they want. Carpet tiles are easier to install than broadloom, and they can be cut into different shapes, allowing homeowners to create unique visual designs.

Carpet Tile Durability

You are likely familiar with the common type of carpet tile that is used in schools and office buildings. This carpet often comes in neutral colors and various patterns, as well as with short, looped fibers. While these carpet tiles might not look very inviting, they are actually quite durable, or at least easy to replace in the case of a bad stain.

The dense, looped fibers in most carpet tiles will not crush or unravel like the cut-looped fibers found in popular types of broadloom carpet like Saxony or plush. This makes them ideal for high traffic areas in the home. Of course, there are cut-loop carpet tiles on the market. These still prove practical in high traffic areas, as pieces can be replaced if damaged, unlike with wall-to-wall carpeting.

Spills, Stains, and Carpet Tilescarpet squares in birmingham

One great benefit of having carpet tiles is that they can be removed and replaced easily in the event of a bad spill or stain. This means that even a cut-loop carpet tile will be a better choice for busy families with messy pets or kids than a broadloom carpet. For this reason, carpet tiles would be a great choice for a nursery or kid’s playroom.

Carpet Tile Style

Finally, one reason why so many homeowners are turning to carpet tiles is because they are versatile and allow for any arrangement of designs to be created. Tiles can be mixed, matched, and cut into different shapes and sizes to create unique flooring designs that match your style. Not all carpet tiles have to be drab like the ones in commercial buildings!

Get Started in Birmingham Today

Carpet tiles are a versatile and practical choice that more and more homeowners are installing in their Birmingham homes. Contact Floor Coverings International Birmingham today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you choose the perfect carpet for your home. We proudly serve Birmingham and surrounding areas.


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