Frieze carpet is known as a modern version of the classic shag carpet from the ‘60s and ‘70s. While the old style of shag carpet is considered a dated look today, frieze carpet is a refreshing take on the classic style and it should be seriously considered when choosing a carpet for your Birmingham home. Frieze is made of long, twisted fibers that tend to curl back on themselves. These fibers are slimmer than those of a traditional shag, which helps give it that more modern, hip feel. Our team at Floor Coverings International Birmingham has found frieze carpet to offer several advantages over other carpet options. frieze carpet colors

Advantages of Frieze Carpet Flooring

One big advantage of frieze carpet is that its twisting nature makes it more durable than other carpet options, so it tends to last longer. When carpet fibers stand straight up and down, the fibers can get crushed down and worn by foot traffic, even untwisting sometimes since the ends are exposed. In contrast, frieze carpet tends to drape to the side, which protects the top of the fibers from fraying and helps it to last longer in high-traffic areas. 

Another advantage of frieze carpet is that it can hide imperfections. If you’re adding carpet to a wide room you’ll likely have a carpet seam, and the long frieze fibers can help camouflage that seam. The long fibers also help to hide everyday dirt, footprints, and vacuum marks! Not only do the long fibers have these functional benefits, but also they are also very comfortable to walk on.

One thing to keep in mind with frieze carpet is that it can be difficult to clean up stains since the fibers are so long and loose. But again, the long fibers are great at hiding imperfections and may even camouflage small stains if they happen! This carpet can be a good choice for family rooms, bedrooms, hallways, or stairs. It’s durable enough to withstand high-traffic areas while also being soft and comfortable!

Birmingham Carpet Experts

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