Saxony Carpet

If you’re looking for new carpet for your floors, you may be thinking along the lines of Saxony carpet. Saxony carpet is tough to beat!  It’s a very elegant and plush carpet that feels great underfoot. You’ve probably stood on Saxony carpeting at a party or a friend’s house and admired its plushness. Is Saxony carpet the right fit for your Birmingham home? Floor Coverings International Birmingham is here to help you figure that out! Here we go into more details about Saxony and how it differs from other carpets.

Identifying Saxony Carpeting

Saxony carpeting is easy to recognize as it has tight, even, and smooth fibers. The fibers stand straight up and lay all in the same direction.  This kind of Saxony carpeting is called straight Saxony carpet. The other type of this type of carpet flooring is known as textured Saxony carpet. With textured Saxony the carpeting fibers are twisted in different directions.  We’ll talk about the benefits of each.

Straight Saxony Carpet

Straight Saxony carpet flooring is the type of carpeting most people are familiar with.  When you run your hand across the carpet, the Saxony will change color because you’ve shifted the fibers. It looks like velvet and any footprints, furniture marks, and vacuuming will show in the carpeting. Some people don’t like this traditional look, but it is timeless, and will never go out of style. If the footprints bother you, you can opt for textured Saxony carpet.

Textured Saxony Carpet

Textured Saxony carpet is a more modern invention and is often called trackless Saxony.  It is called that because even though it is a Saxony, the different twists in the fibers keep it from changing color when you run your hand on the carpet. Textured Saxony is better for high traffic areas and homes with pets and children.

Should You Choose Saxony for Your Birmingham Home?

Saxony is a terrific choice for your floors because it never goes out of style. It brings a luxury and warmth that other carpets can’t match. Saxony is comfortable to walk on and comes in many different qualities and price points. Whether you choose a different decor year after year, your Saxony carpet will still look terrific.  If you choose a high-quality Saxony and a good pad, you can expect your carpet to last decades over other types of carpet. Saxony can be a good investment for your Birmingham home! Ready to get started and see samples? Contact Floor Coverings International Birmingham to get started today!

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