One easy way to make a big difference in your home is to install stairway carpeting, also known as a stair runner. Your local experts at Floor Coverings International Birmingham would love to help you out with this project, and we can even come to your home for a free design consultation and estimate. Why choose a stair runner? Let us walk you through a few of the benefits.

Stair Runner

Prolong your Flooring Lifespan

Protecting your flooring from impact strain, scratches, or stains is crucial in prolonging the life of your floor. The stairs are an area with a lot of foot traffic and adding a stair runner will put an extra layer in between you and your floors, keeping them stronger for longer. The carpeting is installed with a dense padding that protects the quality of your floors and is attached with small staples that won’t harm your existing floors. Not to mention that the thick padding will absorb shock and noise, keeping your stairways silent and soft.

Safety on the Stairs

Classic and clean hardwood or tiles look beautiful but are dangerous and slippery with quick and frequent movement, especially for children. In order to protect the members of your home, consider installing a stair runner to prevent accidental injuries from occurring. The carpeting provides extra traction, and we are proud to have many different textured styles available that offer an extra measure of safety. Avoid sleek textures and opt for something with more body to grip for when you’re going up and down the stairs.

Easy Carpet Redesign

There are many elegant designs you can choose from that will only elevate the style in your home. If you are nervous about covering up your hardwood, the width of the runner can vary. Stair carpeting usually maintains a solid border to show off your beautiful flooring underneath. That being said, a runner in a bold pattern or bright color will transform your stairs into a focal point of your home. We always like to stay on top of trends in Birmingham and will help you find a new runner that adds class and comfort.

A practical, affordable, and recommended change, stair carpeted runners are an excellent addition to any home. Floor Coverings International Birmingham will take care of your entire remodel from the initial consultation to the cleanup. We know that you’ll be satisfied with the finished product. We proudly carry a variety of options for homes in the Birmingham area. Call us today to schedule a visit from our mobile showroom to test out different stair carpeting options.

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