It’s no secret that hardwood flooring can be a solid investment for your home, but with so many different varieties available today it can be hard to pick the right option for your Birmingham home. Floor Coverings International Birmingham is here to help you find the right hardwood. Today we take a closer look at maple and some of the benefits it offers.


The hardness of wood is scored based upon the Janka test. Janka measures the resistance of wood to denting and wear. The higher the number, the harder the wood. Maple scores 1450 on the Janka test. To put that in perspective, white oak has a score of 1360 and red oak scores 1290. This means maple is a durable wood and less prone to damage. Maple hardwood can often be found in commercial spaces like bowling alleys due to its superior strength!

Unique Aesthetic

While oak is a fairly common hardwood floor, maple is less commonly seen in homes. If you are selling your house in a competitive market, the relative rarity of maple floors may help set your home apart.


Maple floors are naturally light, yet warm, and they make any room look larger and lighter. Unlike most varieties of wood, maple hardwood has less natural grain. This lack of grain adds to its smooth, clean appearance. Maple is also easy to work with decoratively, as it tends to go with most color schemes and styles. If light wood is not your thing, maple can be stained a darker shade that appeals to you more.


As long as your floors receive regular sweeping and a damp mopping with a mild soap solution each week, they will sustain their good looks for years to come. They only need to be buffed every couple of years or so.

Add Maple to Your Birmingham Home

If you’re thinking of adding maple to your home, be sure to contact our expert team to install and stain your new hardwood. If you’re concerned about humid weather affecting your new floors, simply use a dehumidifier in your home to help prevent shrinkage and expansion. Want to know more about how maple hardwoods would work in your Birmingham home? Give our team at Floor Coverings International Birmingham a call to schedule a free estimate!

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